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Welcome to the Online Home of McDowell Boys Lacrosse!!

This is the official website for the McDowell Boys Lacrosse Boosters Club, which is the parent organization for the McDowell & Millcreek boys lacrosse programs.

Our programs include: McDowell high school Varisty and Junior Varsity as well as the Millcreek middle school teams. Our middle school program is open to all schools, players don't have to be enrolled in a Millcreek Township school.

This site is where you'll find all you need to know about our programs, including registration, game and practice schedules as well as other lacrosse specific information. Please take a few moments to look around. You can also check out our Trojan Lacrosse Facebook page for more pictures, videos and posts to share.

If you have any thoughts and ideas, simply click on the feedback link. Thank you.

Introducing the McDowell Boys Lacrosse High School Coaching Team

Here are the coaches’ bios for the 2019 - 2020 McDowell lacrosse season. Please take a moment to review their experience and coaching philosophies.


Tom Kingsmore, Head Coach

Coach Kingsmore started his lacrosse career playing for the Erie Spears in 2002. He and Coach Hayes went before the Millcreek School Board and petitioned for lacrosse to become a club sport. While the first time the request was denied, his persistence paid off and a year later lacrosse became an official club sport. From there he played on the McDowell team (2004 - 2006) and went on to play D1 lacrosse at Robert Morris University (2006 - 2009). In 2010, Coach Kingsmore moved into a player-coach role at Robert Morris and worked in the recruiting department. Later that year he accepted a coaching position at McDowell and has been coaching here since, bringing a strong offensive strategy to the program. In addition to coaching locally at the high school level, he’s coached multiple youth programs over the years, staying active in the community and he’s kept his lacrosse skills current by playing in summer & winter adult lacrosse leagues. Coach Kingsmore’s philosophy is direct, staying conditioned and working hard will pay off both on the field and off. In addition to lacrosse, he enjoys hunting and has his own tracking business.

August Snyder, Assistant Coach

Coach Snyder brings a variety of lacrosse experience to the program from being a player to his coaching experience. He graduated from McDowell in 2014 where he was a four-year varsity player in the midfield / attack positions, two of those years he was team captain. After high school he went on to play at Mercyhurst University for two years where he’s currently working on a Marketing degree. Not only has Coach Snyder played at the travel and collegiate levels, he is currently on the Swedish National team and has participated in multiple lacrosse World Cups around the world starting in 2014 with the FIL World Outdoor Lacrosse Championship through this year where he’ll be playing in the FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championship. He will continue to bring ideas and concepts from the international lacrosse community to the program. Coach Snyder accepted the coaching position at McDowell in 2018 where he values hard work, discipline and the desire to learn. He encourages players to take an active approach to their own improvement not only working at practice, but outside of practice as well. He believes that players who possess these characteristics have the capacity to do great things in the sport. Outside of lacrosse, Coach Snyder likes to sail and ski. In addition he speaks three languages (English, German and Swedish) and has traveled world wide.


by posted 12/29/2019
Join us and Take the Pledge!

Dear Lacrosse Family,
Boys will be boys—so the saying goes. Adventure, testing the limits, pushing the envelope, experimentation: it’s all part of growing up.  Indeed, it is to be encouraged and supported as part of normal and healthy individual and social development. But, as we all know, there is a perfectly clear line that can easily be crossed by boys and girls who are striving to become young adults while their brains are still developing, their personalities still maturing, and popular culture and peer pressure push and pull them in every direction. If an activity is illegal and if the risks inherent in it have been proved to be dangerous and unhealthy while also being preventable and avoidable—as is the case with teenage use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs—then such behavior is unacceptable to the MBLBC and needs to be addressed.
Over the past couple years we have heard from parents, players, teachers, and coaches pretty much what one would expect to hear: the kids in our community are pretty much the same as kids everywhere. While that might be comforting on one level, when it comes to tobacco, drugs and alcohol, it demands a response.
If you’re like us, we’re not satisfied being the same as everyone else. We want better for our organization and our players and we know that it is within our individual and collective reach. We know it because we’ve seen it time and again: students, players, parents, coaches striving to be their best and setting the standard of excellence for everyone else. That takes discipline, commitment, honor, love and respect for oneself, others, and the game—and we want to reinforce that in our growing lacrosse organization. The MBLBC wants to be the kind of organization that helps players and parents make the right decisions now so that everyone can rise to their very best in the future, both on and off the field. We want to sow the seeds of tomorrow’s successes today and leave nothing to chance.
We invite players, coaches, parents and families to support our efforts by:

  • Taking the MBLBC pledge on tobacco, alcohol and drug usage. The pledge will be presented to players by the coaches, who will ask the players to take the pledge and to live according to it.  Players will then be asked to take the pledge home to encourage open communication with their parents, who are also welcomed and encouraged to participate.  The pledge will then be returned by the player to the coach, completing the circle.

We also invite players, parents, and coaches to find ways to participate over time to help build and sustain our initiative. We believe we are all in this together. We know that good choices require individual courage and responsibility, but we also know that strong families, organizations, and communities that are unified, well-informed, and pro-active make responsible choices much easier and much more likely for our kids. So, going forward, here’s what you can do:

  • Get involved with the MBLBC’s Conflict Resolution committee by helping to produce a seasonal MBLBC flyer, drawing on your personal and professional experience.  We are not specialists; we are parent board members who need your experience, wisdom, and help to make our players and organization successful.
  • Get involved with the MBLBC Fundraising committee; we all know that a well-funded organization has better chances at success.
  • Get involved with other MBLBC committees that are essential to the success of our players and organization, such as the Concessions Committee.  Visible parent involvement not only sends the right message to players, it supports the growth and development of lacrosse in our area.

MBLBC Board, its program directors, coaches, and assistants.

by posted 09/17/2012
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