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Middle & High School Equipment Specs

High School Equipment

  • Helmet: Cascade Brand white helmet with a navy visor & navy chin guard
  • Gloves: Navy Blue or White (May be any brand)
  • Arm Guards: Navy Blue, Black or White (May be any brand)
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Crosse (Stick): and a back-up is recommended, see diagram below
  • Mouthpiece (not clear or white): covers all top teeth
  • Protective Cup
  • Lacrosse Cleats: suitable for grass and artificial playing surface, preference white
  • Socks: Navy blue or white, mid-calf lenght or lower
  • Compression Pants: for games, navy blue or white, must match shorts and be no longer than 3/4 lenght (mid-calf)

Middle School Equipment

  • Helmet: required
  • Gloves: required
  • Arm / Elbow Guards: required
  • Shoulder / Chest Pads: required
  • Crosse (Stick): required, back up stick - recommended, but optional
  • Mouthguard: required
  • Protective Cup: recommended
  • Cleats: recommended, must be suitable for grass and artificial playing surfaces

Additional Information

Þ    If you are uncertain about the specifications or need help with sizing ask before purchasing!

Þ    The club may arrange for package deals or special pricing with preferred vendors.  This is done as a courtesy to our players or to help players obtain the best value possible.  Players are under no obligation to purchase from these vendors and players may choose to purchase their equipment from any supplier so long as the equipment meets the aforementioned criteria. 

Þ    It is the player’s responsibility to keep their equipment and uniform(s) clean and in good repair at all times. 

Þ    Players electing to borrow equipment from other players or coaches do so voluntarily and at their own risk.