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Q:  I don't want to pay for my membership on my own.  How do I collect Personal Sponsorships to offset or eliminate my membership costs?

A:  We encourage all parents and players to offset or eliminate their membership costs through the use of personal sponsorships.  Simply solicit a donation from family, friends, and businesses by using this simple form.  Complete the top part of the form and be sure to return it with the donation as instructed to receive timely and proper credit.  Please remember to tear off the receipt and give it to the contributor.  You will receive 100% credit for the amount of the contribution to be applied to your membership current membership costs after any outstanding balances are settled. 

Q:  I'm trying to register online and I am not receiving the email with my initial password.  What's going wrong?

A:  Please double check to make sure that you entered your correct email address.  The system automatically generates and sends the password to whatever email address you enter.  It the email address is not entered correctly the system will send the password to the wrong address.  If you have entered the correct email address, check your spam or junk mail folder which may have unnecessarily intercepted this email.